We write today to enthusiastically support Senate President Dominick Ruggerio’s re-election to the state Senate, and to encourage all voters to support him in the Sept. 13 primary, even if they don’t typically vote in primaries. Mr. Ruggerio understands the challenges of running a business in this state and has worked to improve our business climate. At the same time, his opponent Lenny Cioe has made proposals that would significantly negatively impact the viability of small businesses putting at risk the job growth in our state.

Mr. Ruggerio was part of the leadership that eliminated the taxes businesses paid on energy, which is particularly beneficial to the manufacturers served by the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association (RIMA). It enables us to retain jobs, offer better pay to our employees, and continue operating in Rhode Island. He was part of the leadership that lowered the corporate tax rate from the highest in the northeast to the lowest and reduced the corporate minimum tax by 20 percent. And he eliminated thousands of pages of needless, outdated regulations.

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The “ whopping 10 percent on gross receipts, whether the small business has made a profit” is a fabrication. Completely untrue.

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