Cynthia Mendes was primary sponsor of Senate Bill 2552. This atrocious bill singled out people who do not submit their vaccination status to the state of Rhode Island, then doubled their income tax and fined them $50 per month if they did not comply. This bill was targeted at low-income communities because statistically they have lower vaccination rates than higher income communities. This bill was never about public safety, health or anything else, it was about one single solitary thing: Dominance over a group of people who made the most personal of choices. It is a full on attack and assault of bodily autonomy, self-determination and the sacred relationship of doctor and patient.

Matt Brown has chosen to run in tandem with Mendes. This being said, I have still yet to hear him condemn this atrocity, so I can jump to the conclusion he is on board with it. This is the risk you run when you choose a running-mate who is just totally out of touch with the communities they claim to represent.

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After reading this, this video feels very relevant:

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