An open letter to our local politicians:

Bills will be coming through to fund abortions through state-funded agencies. I will not get into a discussion about my stance on abortion but more about why as a taxpayer, I feel my money should be used elsewhere.

I will ask you lawmakers to recommend putting the money in the budget to better use. The roads in this state are beyond awful. We joke that Rhode Island is “the Pothole State,” but really? Have you seen the condition of Route 44? The DOT’s remedy is to drop some patch into a hole and hope for the best. Why not fix the roads correctly the first time? We had a minimum of snow and ice this winter and the roads are delighting anyone in the wheel alignment business.

I am calling on our representatives and senators to not follow the crowd on this one. Please bring up an independent idea about using this money elsewhere. I thank you in advance. My car’s suspension thanks you too (but the car wanted to write its own letter).

Joe Toppi


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Tom Devito

Joe, you are 100% correct but you know that the road can not vote and has no lobby so it is the easy place for the Politian's to not fund and divert funding to wasteful special interest groups like unions who carry many votes for reelection.

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