I just found myself standing at the front door for a long time watching it rain. Why I wondered. What would focus my attention so strongly to the fact that it was raining. Rain, after all, is a natural occurrence, at least during "normal" times. However, this summer in Rhode Island has been anything but normal with respects to the weather. Maybe not so in the context of history, but humans generally think mostly in very short relative terms with respect to most events. This summer in R.I. it has been almost without any substantive rainfall. It’s been very hot and humid for many days in a row creating heat waves; not the norm here in southern New England. So here I stood at the front door watching it pour. I guess it is human nature to observe more closely any event that falls outside what we consider as "normal."

For much of our nation and the world, this year of 2022 has seen abnormal weather patterns; severe droughts followed by torrential monsoonal rains, above high temperatures which have resulted in many heat related deaths both here in the U.S. and around the world, severe wild fires killing too many, destroying livelihoods and property, and devastating much of the earth’s landscape. We’ve also seen an overall shift in the weather patterns that we once considered normal, trends that most people now associate with climate change.

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