Editor's note: John Marion, of Common Cause Rhode Island, will have a rebuttal of this piece in the upcoming edition of The Breeze.

It turns out that Rhode Island held onto its second congressional seat because we failed to do the count correctly during the 2020 census. In other words, we over-counted by a whopping 5 percent, or 55,000 people, and do not actually have the population required to qualify for representation by two members of Congress. We are only entitled to one.

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Pauline M Demers

Ms. Sanzi, this is an “excellent” article! Our Country has become such a mess since the last presidential election [2020] that the present administration is at a complete “loss” regarding its governmental activities----due to their incompetent leadership! They will never admit the “mess” they've made since having been elected. Thus, the Left can't refrain from blaming Pres. Trump for everything which has gone astray in our Country. In plain English, they don't want to accept any responsibility for having created the conditions which America's citizens are presently suffering...and there's a lot more to come!

It is my opinion, there will also be more “fraudulent elections” in the future, but there is still hope and a chance that the issues-at-hand will/could be rectified----possibly in the upcoming November election. We, the Conservatives, will never be receiving any “mea culpas” from the Left because that administration only knows how to “blame” the Conservatives. Enough said. Amen!


Pauline: Trump lost the 2020 election. His ego was bruised and millions of people boost him up by ignoring the truth.




This is an irresponsible column with an especially egregious headline. While Ms Sanzi is entitled to her opinion, she presents too much here as fact.


Have you read your own comments?


Did you see your previous comment?


Where did my comment go? It was up for maybe 30 seconds. I don't think I broke any rules. Is the Valley Breeze censoring any people who disagree with their columnists?

Some Guy

Presented without a single citation or source. Sorry, you get an 'F'.


Show me the data. "It turns out" isn't a persuasive factual source! As someone who worked the 2010 census and the 2018 census test here in Providence County, I believe that if anything there would have been an undercount. Anecdotally, I found the refusal rate in the census test to be much higher than in the 2010 census. General hostility toward the government and government workers was also quite high in 2018. I felt sorry for the census workers who had to go out again two years later to try to collect data from the angry, suspicious, and hostile people who had so recently repeatedly refused to give any information. Many people refused to give any information at all, refusing even a basic headcount for the residence. There were veiled (and not-so-veiled) threats and aggressive dogs. Sometimes you could get a neighbor to give a headcount, but more often they'd also refuse, saying, "I don't want to get involved." An overcount seems unlikely to me.


Maybe Ms. Sanzi should assist the Census takers in the next count and she will recognize the difficulty in establishing a correct count. As the census survey usually goes to each household, it is highly unlikely that everyone in that household has the ability to fill in the correct information due to language barriers, fear or the inability to even comprehend the questions. Couple all of those factors with people not opening doors, vicious dogs, etc., in my estimation, even an over count of 100,000 may not even approximate the true number of people living in RI. Ms. Sanzi finds that her “truths,” are the only real facts. I look forward to reading the rebuttal that will be more factual representation of the issue.

Derrick L

For a supposed educator, Ms Sanzi is misrepresenting the facts. The study she references is by no means definitive. I guess information from the Biden administration is ok as long as it supports her cause. Will the prior census count be used to try and ‘financially encourage’ the representation to allow more charter schools?


Why is it that mistakes are ALWAYS to their advantage ? Their shouldn't be a election for a person we don't need.

John Ward

I wish you hadn't so often referred to this overcount as a "mistake." It was intentional.

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