I’ll admit, I don’t “embrace change.” I’m slow at that.

I consider myself a “common sense conservative” in an era where common sense is less common. On social issues, I am more libertarian: Live and let live, in peace and kindness to one another. I think gay adults who love each other should be respected and left alone to live their lives. On matters of money, I think we, and our nation, should all pay our bills, and keep our debts to a minimum. This behavior involves personal sacrifice, but leads to personal freedom. Debt is slavery.

Politically, I don’t understand the anger in our country today, but I trust this so-called “wokeism” is breathing its last. The cancel culture is cancelling American norms and values. Honestly, who signed up for this?

On June 11, I wrote a letter printed in The Wall Street Journal. It said, in part, that the Republican Party should craft a new Contract With America, as Newt Gingrich did in 1994. They should “vigorously challenge the ‘woke’ extremism, one point at a time. Federal takeover of elections? A power grab with two new states? Pack the Supreme Court? Young men (transitioning) competing in girls’ high-school sports? Street riots and arson with no consequences? Day care as infrastructure? Wide-open borders? Hatred of our founders? Teaching our children a new anti-white racism? The Democratic Party embraces all of this; a majority of Americans support none of it.”

All this remains true five months later.

So what has happened since June? Well, let’s see. President Biden left Afghanistan, something I agree with. It was a lost cause. But our chaotic withdrawal might just as well have been executed by a 2nd-grader. We left $85 billion in weapons behind for a hapless army, who lost them to the enemy in a few days. We left hundreds of Americans behind.

As I think of the cost of those weapons, I am reminded of the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, with TV commercials and mailers asking for money to build and give specialized “smart” homes to U.S. soldiers who have been critically injured. Most lost body parts defending our country from extremists. The foundation also pays off mortgages for families of police and fire first responders killed in the line of duty.

Tunnels to Towers has $43 million in hand, according to the financial statements on its website. That’s 1/2000 of the money we left behind in intact weapons on the Afghan battlefield for our enemies. China’s leaders must have had one heck of a laugh. So yes, I think we have our priorities screwed up.

Recently, progressive women “activists” followed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, a bi-sexual, into a bathroom, filmed the encounter, posted it online, and gave her a hard time for her position on taxation. This is acceptable to Democrats, who claim to be the “party of women” and the LBGTQ community? Joe Biden defended the activists and called their behavior “part of the process.”

Energy costs are soaring. School parents are ignored and marginalized. Last year’s COVID “heroes” are being fired. Our border is open. The economy is slowing, and a new bout of inflation is eroding every American’s standard of living, harming the poor the most. I understand millions hated President Trump, but c’mon, man. This is Building Back Better?

Ward founded The Valley Breeze with Publisher James Quinn in 1996.

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The United States was in great shape under President Trump and has gone downhill every single day since Biden became president ... It almost looks like the Democrats are intentionally destroying America from within ...

Senor Gojira

Nothing to see here. Just an embarrassingly lazy collection of conservative talking points (devoid of facts) designed to whip up fear of the democrats agenda. Stick to retirement Tom.


Stick head back in sand.


Instead of using false narratives and scare tactics, how about we look at what Build Back Better actually is:

$1.5 billion for Rhode Island highways

$242 million to repair or replace bridges in Rhode Island

$100 million to improve broadband services

$387 million replacing lead pipes

I'd love to know which of those things are bad and whether Mr. Ward is against any of those. Because those are a part of the Build Back Better that he mentioned.

Derrick L

Well said! I am glad Mr Biden did something prior generations could not or would not do. I am tired of driving under 295 overpasses that are crumbling.


What's so unfortunate is that your perspective is correct but you blame is mis-directed. RI and all other States have been 'given' (they're OUR tax dollars, not the GUBMINT's) federal monies for infrastructure throughout the years. In RI, we have a DEMOCRAT majority that is elected to spend our taxes APPROPRIATELY. They don't know how to do that! So, now, under the guise of a FLOWERY-NAMED SLOGANNED BILL, we, the taxpayer, gets to (yet AGAIN!) pay for infrastructure+. The bill should have been killed in Congress...of course, OUR CROOKS always vote FOR THEIR PARTY, not their constituents. We have only RI VOTERS to blame for this ATROCITY.


Isn't paying for infrastructure exactly what taxes are supposed to be for? So I guess I don't understand the problem here. We pay taxes to get a service in return, except that hasn't been happening. Now that it is happening, that's seen as a bad idea? We should give more tax breaks and not fix infrastructure? Because that's what the happened when the other party was in charge.


The Biden Administration keeps claiming that the $1.7 trillion dollar Build Back Better plan won't cost taxpayers anything. Really?

Their plan is to print that money and inject it into our economy, while they completely ignore how doing so weakens the purchasing power of the dollar making everything cost more.

Since taking office, President Biden's policies have lead to a border crisis, a supply chain crisis, an energy crisis, and now (with no end in sight), an economic crisis fueled by skyrocketing inflation.

If his goal is to make everyone poorer, he is doing a great job!

Derrick L

You should reassess Biden's current status. There is no border crisis - check the numbers. The supply chain crisis is fallout continued from the prior failed leadership's inaction on COVID. There is also no energy crisis, gas prices fluctuate especially when Wall Street has an excess of cash to speculate with due to tax breaks. Green energy is the future, there's no group in history which succeeded by remaining stationary.


All you essentially said was "Look over there, don't look here."

No one is arguing for remaining stationary on alternative energies. Again, it isn't always one extreme or the other.


Great read Tom. Common sense seems to be in short supply. Main-stream and social media has played a big part in this.


"I understand millions hated President Trump, but c’mon, man. This is Building Back Better?" Ah...yeah, a LOT better.


Now I understand that politicians are going to twist words to fit their narrative and to scare people, but I wouldn't think that a former journalist would do that. To most journalists, words have meaning and the meaning is important. Yet here's Tom doing the same as the politicians. Using "woke" as a scare word when it means to be aware of racism and social injustices. If that's a bad thing, then sign me up for bad things.

And then there's the scare tactics in the WSJ letter. I don't think any of those things have happened, but it's another tactic to get people all worked up when they're really not paying attention. But the one that takes the cake has to be "anti-white racism". There is no such thing in America as anti-white racism. I would think by now Tom would know better. On top of that, children are being taught a more thorough history of America. If Tom feels that history is racist, well guess what, it sure was. But people should know about it.

There are just so many ridiculous points in here to pick apart:

"Last year’s COVID “heroes” are being fired." They were heroes because they were working without a vaccine. Now one is available and they refuse it. So the situation changed. To not acknowledge that is dishonest.

"Our border is open." It's not. For one, I heard all about how the former President put up so many miles of impenetrable walls. But now the border is open? Stop with the scare tactics.

"The economy is slowing" We're hitting new highs in the stock market and other numbers that Trump routinely bragged about, but now it's a bad thing?

I guess I would have expected more than just retread GOP talking points.


Folks: Travel the world, and you'll see live is pretty good outside the US. Most civilized countries have things the BBB plan is hoping to achieve. These are not radical things. The US is behind the times, and our standard of living is suffering as a result.


"$85 billion in weapons behind for a hapless army" - this is one of Trump's misleading lies. I'm surprised Tom would not look into it before spreading it. Come on Tom!

Fact check: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/08/31/no-taliban-did-not-seize-83-billion-us-weapons/

"U.S. military equipment was given to Afghan security forces over two decades. Tanks, vehicles, helicopters and other gear fell into the hands of the Taliban when the U.S.-trained force quickly collapsed. The value of these assets is unclear, but if the Taliban is unable to obtain spare parts, it may not be able to maintain them.

But the value of the equipment is not more than $80 billion. That’s the figure for all of the money spent on training and sustaining the Afghan military over 20 years. The equipment portion of that total is at most $24 billion — certainly not small change — but the actual value of the equipment in the Taliban’s hands is probably much less than even that amount."

Pauline M Demers

“So this is Building Back Better”----

What a great article, Tom! You've said it all! Isn't this mission statement basically similar to Trump's “Make America Great Again”? The difference is that Trump's administration DID 'Make America Great Again', while the present administration began in January and continues to destroy America. No doubt, their "intent" is/was definitely the opposite of THEIR “mission statement”!

The results of the Virginia election have proven that the people are "starting to get it”, i. e., they're finally realizing what the present administration represents. It's certainly NOT “for the people”. It's a “Rules for thee and not for me” presidency.

The administration's statement of wanting to “unite” the people was false, as the Country has never been more divided!

The November 2022 election will truly reveal how America has been deceived!


Derrick L

All Trump did was make himself richer and erode democracy to try and make himself richer.


Where do you come up with this stuff?


The radical left gained control over the majority of our universities during the Vietnam war protests, and they have been consolidating their control over our culture ever since. Colleges of education, journalism, and law have been churning out dedicated leftists for decades, and now we are experiencing the results including the indocrination of our youth in elementary school.

These radicals are hyper-fixated on gender, race, sexual orientation, you name it. Everything they didn’t want the rest of us to be fixated on. They are actively raiding the public treasury to the tune of billions of dollars to preach victimology and hatred to our children to divide us for political power. The hate and division will only worsen until we stop funding this nonsense with our tax dollars and stop tolerating a leftist media which peddles non-stop resentments and division.

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