Is the just-signed Rhode Island “Equality in Abortion Coverage Act” unconstitutional?

Republicans and some dissenting Democrats think yes.

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Lewis Foster

Mr. York, please define "woman"?

Some Guy

See, Lewis, what you don't seem to understand is that to normal people, who don't spend every waking moment immersed in the Fox/Newsmax/OAN bubble, comments like this make you sound like a lunatic. You guys speak in some weird code, promulgate bizarre conspiracy theories, and follow like sheep the voices on your TV that tell you whom to hate this year. What a sad life.

Maybe you guys should just not involve yourselves in medical decisions made by people you're not related to?

Lewis Foster

Good advice, same principle should apply to vaccinations.

Some Guy

It's probably futile to explain the concept of "public health" to you. But there is a difference between private medical decisions that don't affect anyone other than the patient, and inoculations against a highly communicable and potentially deadly disease that could affect many people (as. for instance, me, who is immunocompromised as a result of cancer treatment.) There is a long and rich history of robust public health measures in the US, dating back at least to George Washington, who required his soldiers to be vaccinated against smallpox.

@Some Guy - Their weird code you mention is called Deflection.

@Lewis. - If an infectious disease doctor advises a public health agency on matters pertaining to infectious disease based on scientific research...who then advises public officials....who then advise the public and so on...Yes one should listen and gather information. Then, after doing one's own research on the matter, make an informed decision what to do personally. It's really, quite simple common sense.

However, the majority of MAGA's and anti-vaxxers choose to take medical-related advice from anyone and everyone NOT trained in public health OR diseases simply so they can do what they want, just like terrible people who don't care about anyone but themselves.

That being said. Even though I am still baffled as to why, I support you and anyone's choice not to be vaxxed. Though my reasoning is admittedly darker than personal freedom.

Lewis Foster

I think our biggest difference is you trust the govt and I do not. Btw, I'm pro-choice.

Get ready for the outrage of pontificating religious zealots and MAGA cult members [beam]


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