The off-duty optics of a recent high-profile criminal case of someone in blue are too much for his police chief and mayor to bear. So, they have moved to terminate him.

But the prediction here is that he will beat the firing rap, and likely return to the force.

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If reinstated anywhere in the future as a police officer, I believe 100 percent Mr. Dolan will be in the news again...except it will be him who is either shot and/or at the receiving end of whatever self-defense measures are employed by any reasonable person to defend themselves against this very-publicly known, unhinged vigilant who has already walked free once from committing the violent crime he instigated.

No one in their right mind will allow themselves to be pulled over, let alone have any interaction with him. Anyone seeing him in their rear view mirror is most likely not going to be so willing to allow him to pull his BS a second time.

Derrick L

The LEOBOR is a terrorist document designed to protect the worst in our society.


The worst in our society is the waste who killed the reporter in Orlando


Officer Dolan was found Not Guilty by a Superior Court Jury in less than an hour. Game Set Match! The jury spoke and stated Officer Dolan was justified in every action he took! Jury trumps Pawtucket Police Policy. Isn’t the Jury the Holy Grail of Justice? I’m thankful for Police Officers like Daniel Dolan.

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