Don Fox is playing show and tell.

The Burrillville Town Council president brought a couple “high capacity” magazines, unloaded and detached from the main weapons, to a June meeting and said at the time he’ll keep doing it in defiance of the new state law that will soon make his magazines illegal.

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Drunk driving should be a felony, just a different weapon .


Mr. Fox makes a good point; for the past 246 years “high capacity” (an ever-changing term) magazines have been legal in RI. Now, with the passage of this inane bill, law-abiding folks are being forced to relinquish private property without compensation. Truly, does anyone believe that this new statute will limit criminals? It will not and will only serve to further polarize folks. And, Mr. McGee believes that 10 rounds of ammunition is o.k., but 11 rounds in a magazine is now a felony? In what bizarre world can anyone defend this nonsense? I applaud Mr. Fox for his stance as idiotic laws need to be highlighted. And, my friends who are castigating him, ask yourself – at what point do you practice civil disobedience? Our 2nd amendment rights were enshrined to limit a tyrannical government and were not enshrined to permit deer hunting or even personal protection. In the end this issue will be litigated and I pray that this ridiculous “high capacity” ban will be overturned.

Some Guy

Boy, if you're this upset about "tyrannical government" I'm sure you'll be absolutely apoplectic about those state legislatures that are working on prohibiting residents from traveling out of state to receive medical care.


Some guy - I agree with you. If any state government attempts to limit citizens traveling for any purpose it is an overreach and likely unconstitutional. We certainly agree on this.

Captain Cumberland

Elected officials should be expected to follow the laws or pay the price for breaking it, just like any other citizen. They are not above the law even if they act like it. You can't claim that you believe in "law and order" but only follow the laws with which you agree. Is it okay if someone wants to drive 120 mph down Route 146 because they don't agree with the posted speed limit? No it's not, and that speeding driver should rightfully face prosecution. The same goes with the new high capacity magazine law. It is punishable with up to five years in prison or a fine of up to $5,000, and should be enforced if someone is purposefully breaking it, just like any other law should be.

Derrick L

All you have to do is watch police audit videos to realize those in public office, including police officers, sometimes act like they are above the law. They are often also ignorant of the laws they claim to serve. Law and Order, except when a police office tells you that you can't murder the Vice President to get your guy to subvert democracy.

Derrick L

Deplorable behavior is the norm now for certain politicians. It's not a badge of honor, it's a symptom of mental illness. Only in a clown world would people use gun hoarding as a substitute of masculinity.


I think Derrick is arguing with himself again, but at least his grammar is better.

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