It was a shot heard round the political world when a couple weekends ago the news broke that Congressman David Cicilline was stepping down from his elected position to take a job leading the Rhode Island Foundation.

A former state representative in Providence and that city’s mayor for eight years, he’s been in the U.S. House of Representatives for six full terms and was most recently easily re-elected for a seventh term last November.

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"And nobody in local politics or media says 'boo.'" Try reading the Valley Breeze and Arlene Violet's excellent opinion column.

So glad to witness the continuing rich tradition of Rhode Islanders proudly displaying ignorance and bigotry whenever a local politician leaves office [beam]

John Ward

In my opinion, the timing of the retirement was intentional. I am confident that the Congressman knew who was interested and wanted to be sure to force the election into a timeframe to allow interested General Assembly members to be able to fully campaign without being tied down with the state business.


It is funny to me, folks that lack simple math skills. $650K-$177K equals $473K. Only a fool would not jump at that new job.


And one did !


Good Don't let the door hit you on the way out . he has lived off of the RI taxpayers long enough . Let hope he leaves the RI foundation better than he left Providence .

Derrick L

I support Mr Cicilline’s decision. The BooHoo MAGA Crew are violent political terrorists who can’t lose gracefully and have spuriously attacked Mr Cicilline to no end. While his departure was shocking, it is no less understandable given the deplorable nature of some of his peers on Capitol Hill.


Making 650k for a non-profit is a no brainer for this no brainer....I'd say bigger political terrorists are the carpetbaggers living in the woods in Georgia who shot a law enforcement officer and burned private property, endangering a community none of them live in. Those "peaceful" Dems and Antifa are so pesky

Derrick L

Red puddle, out departing Rep didn’t rally a mob of lunatics to attack an election even Fox News knew wasn’t rigged. Be better.

From local politics right to Georgia, terrorism, shooting cops and ANTIFA - but somehow you forget to blame "the left, KJP, Beijing Biden, The Fauci Ouchie, woke Liberal Democratic policies, immigrants, the entire LGBTQ community, Obama, Hunter Biden, Hillary, weaponized and corrupt federal law enforcement, nefarious local teenagers with connections to The Swamp meddling in our elections, and the fact that folks can't pray to a Sky Daddy in school while pretending to adhere to His values"

Did I miss anyone?


Republicans had nothing to do with it. He's a greedy Dem who took the better.

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