Can the coverage about possible contagion create the contagion?

Stories this week about Silicon Valley Bank and two others tread that fine line.

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Very mature……name calling. Are you people 12 years old?


Oh Derrick....just blame Trump like the Dems always due rather than looking inward. If you really think Yellen and the SF Fed weren't asleep at the wheel then you are lying or just an MSDNC parrot. So many Red Flags and basic principles were not followed. It wasn't if, but when.

Derrick L

What law should Ms Yellen have used?

Derrick L

Regulations are there for a reason. Everyone is quick to cry about them as ‘barriers to progress’. Instead, they are excuses to profiteer and always end with those who ‘don’t want big government’ being the first in line with their paws out. The good news is most of the cash is tied up in long term bonds, but we need to demand the feckless executives who destroyed their businesses with greed should have to return all bonuses and be held criminally responsible.


If Yellen would have woken up and done her job vs. trying to push her wacky woke agendas this might have been avoided (of course the bank messed up royally by ignoring basic principles). It's funny how the far left will also blame Trump for this.

Some Guy

Tell me, RedTrickle, which administration was it that rolled back the Dodd-Frank regulations applicable to regional banks and thus allowed SVB to engage in the behavior which led to its failure? While you're at it, could you define the "woke agenda" being "pushed" by the Treasury Department?


Wow, you listen to KJP so much you probably know the blame they put on Trump for the Dodd-Frank. Another left Trump blaming point from 5 years ago.

Google Yellen and it's easy to see what woke agendas she pushes (climate agenda is leading her funding. Beijing Biden watched silently as SVB gave 75 million to BLM as it was failing.

So even though Redwave is utterly incapable of defining his narrative, unsurprisingly he is perfectly capable with utilizing today's standard of conservative communication, Misinformation, rhetoric, projection, deflection, accusations without evidence, and a shocking lack of context that results in most of his comments amounting to some strange form of rambling, disjointed word salad.

Be Best!!

Derrick L

Mr RedPuddle, we have regulations for a reason. Don’t blame Ms Yellen when you and Tucker know who really is at fault.


Yell and the San Fran Head of the Fed knew about SVB issues a year ago and did nothing. This is 100% Biden and Yellen fault

Derrick L

Issues are not prognostication, Mr Puddle. They initiated an investigation which is due out in May. We should regulate banks more to prevent theses issues in the future, as opposed to deregulation which relies on the company self policing. It never ends well.

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