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Dental Arts Group OPTIONS FOR IMPLANT ANCHORS There are usually several options available when dealing with a bad tooth that needs extraction. Endosteal implants are the most common type of arti cial root system to hold a replacement tooth in place. They are usually titanium screws that t into the jaw and extrude through the gum. If there is not enough viable jawbone to hold an endosteal implant, subperiosteal implants may be an option. These implants are placed on or above the jawbone. Less common options include bone augmentation to restore the jawbone prior to implants; ridge expansion, which adds bone grafts to a bridge along the top of the jaw; and sinus augmentation, which adds bone below the sinus. The best way to maintain good dental hygiene and a healthy smile is to take the necessary steps to prevent both tooth decay and periodontal disease. This can include a healthy diet, uoride treatments, conscientious brushing and ossing, and periodic professional cleanings and exams. Research repeatedly demonstrates that those people who own better dental health live longer, stay healthier longer, and enjoy a better life. If youd like to maximize your oral health, thereby enhancing every day of your life, why not call DENTAL ARTS GROUP, 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston, for an appointment? PH: 401-521- 3661. P.S. The process of getting a tooth implant with an endosteal or other form of anchor usually takes several months and involves one or two oral surgeries.