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Dental Arts Group TAKING A HARD LINE ON SOFT DRINKS By now, most of us realize that sugary soft drinks (including soda, fruit juices, highly sweetened coffees, and other sources of liquid sugar) are linked to weight gain, obesity, insulin resistance (a primary feature of metabolic syndrome), type 2 diabetes, the possibility of an increased risk for heart disease, and a higher risk of cancer. These potential adverse health consequences of excessive sugary liquid consumption stand alongside the well-known fact that sugary soda not only provides easily digestible energy for the bacteria that cause tooth decay, but it also contains phosphoric and carbonic acids that make teeth vulnerable to decay. With all this in mind, it is best to get children used to drinking non-sugary liquids as early as infancy. At DENTAL ARTS GROUP, A Collaborative Practice Committed to Excellence, we know our patients depend on us for top quality oral care, This is why we provide them with dietary information that can help save them from the hazards of sugary, body-unfriendly substances that can wreak havoc with their health, gentle treatment procedures, and outstanding continuing care. Our full-service, state-of-the-art of ce is located at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston, where we have of ce hours by appointment. You can reach us at 401-521-3661. P.S. Baby bottle tooth decay occurs as a result of leaving sweetened liquids, including milk, formula, and fruit juice, to cling to an infants teeth during sleep when saliva ow decreases.