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Dental Arts Group IMPROVING A GUMMY SMILE Sometimes genetics can leave individuals with smiles they feel dont exactly suit them. For some that may mean a grin that shows more pink gums than pearly whites, a condition known as gingival display. When this is the case, a crown lengthening procedure may be the solution to the problem. The process reshapes the gums at the base of the teeth, removing small amounts of excess gum tissue to expose more tooth area. If there is not enough Ave., Johnston. We have of ce hours by area available, crowns or veneers can be placed. appointmentcall 401-521-3661. Most Although full recovery takes approximately three months, normal activities can resume within a day or so, and soft food limitations are only required until any sutures dissolve. insurance plans accepted. P.S. Crown lengthening can help restore teeth damaged by severe decay. Want to improve your smile? There are many techniques your dentist has to alter and otherwise enhance your appearance and give you good reason to smile. Let DENTAL ARTS GROUP help you choose the best method for your particular circumstances. If its time to stop hiding your smile, we invite you to experience the kind of up-to-date, knowledgeable dental care we provide here at 1136 Hartford