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Dental Arts Group KEYS TO PROPER DENTAL HYGIENE PRACTICES The key to preventive dentistry is having a maintenance plan for your teeth, much like scheduled service for your car. Doing the same for your teeth and gums will prolong and preserve sound oral health. In addition to at-home self care of brushing thoroughly, ossing, and rinsing, regular dental cleanings and assessments are essential to dental health. Daily brushing will help remove plaque and kill bacteria, while ossing cleans in between teeth and gums and inhibits bacterial growth. Minimizing sugary, acidic foods and drinks avoids deterioration of the surface enamel, and eating a healthy diet contributes to overall health. The rewards of implementing this at-home routine, combined with regularly scheduled dental cleanings and checkups, include a healthy and beautiful smile. To keep your teeth and to keep them strong, be sure to keep your dental appointments for regular checkups! Remember that nothing is more economical than regular, professional visits to the dentist to help guard against any problems that may threaten your smile. If you have questions about caring for your teeth and gums and achieving optimum dental health, please feel free to call us at DENTAL ARTS GROUP, 401-521-3661. Our full- service, state-of-the-art of ce is located at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston, where we have of ce hours by appointment. P. S. In the average lifetime, a human produces over 100,000 gallons of saliva.