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Hunter Insurance FLOOD INSURANCE Flooding can happen anywhere, and it is the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States, causing billions in economic losses annually. Despite this, roughly only 20 percent of homeowners at risk for oods have ood insurance. Flood insurance covers a dwelling for losses sustained by water damage, speci cally due to ooding. There isnt coverage for ooding in standard homeowners or renters policies, but such policies are available for all residential properties. The National Flood Insurance Program was established in 1968 to provide ood insurance to homeowners to be administered by the government. The pricing of ood insurance policies is based on the NFIP-designated ood zone in which the property is located. Annual insurance premiums range from $500-$1400. If your insurance agent does not sell ood insurance, you can contact the NFIP Help Center at 800-427-4661. NFIP ood insurance policies can only be purchased for properties within communities that participate in the NFIP. For more information, please call HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. at 769-9500, or see us at 389 Old River Rd., Lincoln. We design and develop total insurance programs. We also feature insurance for woodworkers, entertainment businesses, and schools. NOTE: In certain ood-prone areas, the federal government requires ood insurance to secure mortgage loans backed by federal agencies such as the FHA and VA.