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Hunter Insurance OLDER HOME INSURANCE Purchasing an historic home is a dream for many people. They tend to have larger rooms, sit in prime locations, and have loads of charm. People who own homes over 50 years old, however, may run into insurance problems they didnt bargain for. Older homes are generally more expensive to insure than newer homes and are seen as high risk since they are more susceptible to damage such as res and roof problems. It may also be more challenging to obtain a policy, and if you are approved, you can expect to pay a higher premium. To determine your premium amount, the insurer will look at your homes replacement cost value, which tends to be higher for antique or historic homes. As you shop around for a homeowners policy on an older home, it can help to compare insurance quotes from several companies. Make sure you're comparing the same sets of coverages, limits and deductibles for each quote you get. That way, you can make sure you're doing an accurate comparison and choose the policy that's right for you. If youre interested in insuring an older home, please call HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. at 769-9500, or visit our agents at 389 Old River Rd., Lincoln. NOTE: Many insurers will perform inspections to determine if an historic home is insurable and to calculate its replacement cost value.