Marty's Fine Wine

Marty's Fine Wine

1 Buxton St, Uxbridge, MA 01569

(508) 883-1880

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Marty's Fine Wine 1 Buxton Street, Millville, MA Visit us online www.martys WINE SPECIALS J LOHR CABERNET SAUVIGNON $12.99 KENDALL JACKSON CHARDONNAY 750ml $10.99 SANTA MARGHERITA PINOT GRIGIO 750ml $19.99 MEIOMI PINOT NOIR 750ml. $16.99 JOSH CELLARS 750ml (all varieties) $11.99 OYSTER BAY SAUVIGNON BLANC 750ml $9.99 CAVIT PINOT GRIGIO 1.5L $9.99 BARTOLOMEO PROSECCO 750ml $9.99 Our Best Selling Prosecco! 508-883-1880 for hundreds of other specials LIQUOR SPECIALS TANQUERAY GIN 1.75L $30.99 JAMESON 1.75L $45.99 CASAMIGOS BLANCO TEQUILA 750ml $34.99 CAPTAIN MORGAN SPICED RUM 1.75L $22.99 JACK DANIELS 1.75L $39.99 FIREBALL CINNAMON LIQUEUR 750ml $14.99 TITO'S 1.75L $27.99 STOLICHNAYA 1.75L $24.99 GREY GOOSE 1.75L $49.99 BARR HILL GIN 750ml $29.99 BEER SPECIALS ANGRY ORCHARD 12 pk cans and btls $16.99 + deposit WHITE CLAW VARIETY 12 pack $14.99 + deposit TRULY VARIETY 12 packs $14.99 + deposit TWISTED TEA 12 pack can and btls $14.99 + deposit MIGHTY SQUIRREL CLOUD CANDY 4pk $11.99+ deposit EXHIBIT A CATS MEOW 4pk $14.99+ deposit LORD HOBO BOOM SAUCE 4pk $12.99+ deposit GUINNESS 8pk $12.99+ deposit WILLET POT STILL RESERVE BOURBON 750 ml Sweet notes of corn and caramelized sugar lead the way on the nose with touches of cedar and pecan lingering into the nish Not available in Rhode Island $35.99 CHAMPAGNE & SPARKLING WINE SPECIALS LA MARCA PROSECCO 750ml $12.99 VEUVE CLICQUOT yellow label NV 750ml $49.99 MOET AND CHANDON BRUT 750ml $42.99