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Precision Pain Clinic EVERY PERSON IN PAIN IS NOT THE SAME We know that suffering from chronic pain can be draining and debilitating. The good news is that safe solutions for managing pain - solutions that eliminate or minimize the need for medications - now exist close to home. An interventional pain management specialist, Dr. Perry is trained and experienced in performing procedures that have been clinically proven in the treatment of back and neck pain, leg pain, joint and muscles pain. With a thorough physical examination, review of your medical history and imaging studies, your underlying conditions that cause chronic pain will be diagnosed, and a treatment plan with be designed to alleviate your pain. We utilize special injection techniques and nerve blocks to treat many conditions while following the highest standards of patient care. WHY REPLACE WHEN YOU CAN REGENERATE Introducing PRP Platelet Rich Plasma revolu- tionary treatment, which uses regenerative power and healing factors of your blood platelets for pain relief in knees, other joints, and tendon pain. NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURE LONG-TERM EFFECT CLINICALLY PROVEN NO SIDE EFFECTS 14 Cedar Swamp Road, Smith eld, RI 02917 Keith A. Perry, M.D. Board Certi ed, Pain Specialist 401-231-0060 Visit our website at