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Providence County Superior Court CITATION State of Rhode Island PROVIDENCE, SC. O ce of the Clerk of the Superior Court PETITION TO FORECLOSE RIGHT OF REDEMPTION: PM-2020-06610 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: WAYNE TAIT, MARK TAIT, GARY TAIT, CRAIG TAIT, JOSH TAIT, and their unknown heirs and assigns; MARQUETTE CREDIT UNION, its successors and assigns; BANK of AMERICA, N.A.; UNITED STATES - INTERNAL REV- ENUE SERVICE; the STATE OF RHODE ISLAND - DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING; CHASE BANK USA; and MIDLAND FUNDING LLC, a Delaware Lim- ited Liability Company; and all other persons unknown or unascertained claiming or who may claim any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the real estate involved which is or might become adverse to the Petitioners right, title or interest therein as alleged, or which does or may constitute any cloud upon Petitioners title as set forth in Petition. Whereas, a petition has been presented to said Court by CAPITAL ASSOC RIGP, a Rhode Island General Partnership of 140 Reservoir Avenue in the County of Providence and said State, to foreclose all rights of redemption from the tax lien proceedings described in said petition in and concerning a certain parcel of land situate in the Town of Cumberland and in said State, bounded and described in said petition as follows: ose premises more particularly described in Deed Book 612 at Pages 469, 472, and 475, as recorded in the Land Evidence Records for the Town of Cumberland. Further identi ed as Plat 66, Lots 104, 105, and 106. If you desire to make any objection or defense to said petition you or your attorney must le a written appearance and answer, under oath, setting forth clearly and speci cally your objections or defense to each part of said petition, in the o ce of the Superior Court in the County of Providence on or before the 17th day of December, 2020, that you may then and there show cause, if any, why the prayer of the petition should not be granted. Unless your appearance is led by or for you, your default will be recorded, the said petition will be taken as confessed and you will be forever barred from contesting said petition or any decree entered thereon. And in addition to the usual service of this notice as required by law, it is ordered that the foregoing citation be published forthwith once each week for three successive weeks in the Valley Breeze, a newspaper published in said Town of Cumberland on November 12th, November 19th, and November 25th, 2020 . WITNESS the SEAL of our SUPERIOR COURT, at Providence this 6th day of November, 2020. Susan M Diggins, CLERK