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Smithfield, Town of TOWN OF SMITHFIELD Notice of Abandonment of a Portion of Vera Drive It being the judgment of the Smith eld Town Council, a er a public hearing on October 6th, 2020, that a portion of Vera Drive described in a Petition for Abandonment led by Jorica Development, LLC and Dahlia Bonzagni be abandoned because that portion of Vera Drive has ceased to be useful to the public. A description of the abandoned roadway is on le with the Smith eld Town Clerk. e Town Council ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED: A portion of Vera Drive in the Town of Smith eld, Rhode Island, as described in the said Petition for Abandonment referenced above is hereby abandoned as a public highway. As a result of the creation of a new cul de sac that portion of Vera Drive referenced on le with the Town Clerks o ce in the Town of Smith eld is no longer deemed useful to the Town and abutting property owners thereto . It is hereby directed that a published notice thereof be advertised in the Valley Breeze Observer once each week for three (3) successive weeks, and further that personal notice thereof be served upon every owner of land abutting upon said portion of Vera Drive that has been abandoned, which owners are known to reside within the State of Rhode Island, and that further notice thereof be given by certi ed mail to every person residing outside this State, who is an owner of land abutting upon said portion of Vera Drive, which has been abandoned. BY ORDER OF THE SMITHFIELD TOWN COUNCIL, a er public hearing of Tuesday, October 6, 2020. Carol A. Aquilante, MMC, Town Clerk