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So you'd like to advertise your business or special event in The Valley Breeze? Smart choice!

The Breeze newspapers, all 5 of them, are the best read hometown papers across the northern one-third of Rhode Island. By a lot! (Of course, if you live here, you already know that…)

Our web site, , has more than 100,000 unique visitors monthly! But more on that later…



• Our paper is "deep tab" in style, and offers color. It measures 11x16 inches, and is "quarter-folded" to a final size of 8x11 inches.
• We are a "demand distribution" free newspaper, with more than 58,000 papers in total delivered to high-traffic locations each week in our 11 communities.
• Of course, we are audited by an independent company! We use the Circulation Verification Council of St. Louis, Missouri ( They tell us we have one of the highest readership rates of any newspaper in our primary market in the United States for a paper like ours! We don't have to mail it or drop it in the driveway like some unwelcome TMC "papers" (which anger residents, by the way). Just about everybody in town goes out and picks up The Valley Breeze each week!


• We cover news in our communities with an award-winning staff of writers and editors, and our papers are approximately 55% ads, and 45% news.
• We deliver early on Wednesday/Thursday, with almost all papers picked up by Saturday. We work hard on on delivery system to get the most readership for our advertisers. We DO NOT drop papers off and hope for the best...our efforts are constant.
• Our papers are printed beautifully by Seacoast Media of Portsmouth, N.H.


• We accept free-standing inserts of 8.5x11 or smaller. We currently serve R.I. grocer Dave's Marketplace every week and also serve many local advertisers periodically. We will create "Print & Deliver" insert programs for you from start to finish.
• We accept advertising on our front page. First come, first reserved. Plan in advance.
• Our ads are now "modular," and so it's easy to understand the size you are buying. Whether a full or quarter page, or even 1/16 of a page, you'll know what you're getting. Prices are a bit lower per inch for larger ads, or for long-term contracts. For exact ad dimensions, scroll further down.
• If you aren't familiar with The Valley Breeze, and would like to see what our paper looks like, click on the E-EDITION links above to view a replica of the current print editions.


For information on any print advertising, or a rate card, you may start by calling our advertising director.

Director of Sales
Jack Birolini
401-334-9555, Ext. 141

Sales Manager
Robert Fisher
617-974-3896 cell/text
401-334-9555, Ext. 127

Town/City/School Local Notices/Death Notices/In Memoriam
Rhonda Hanson
401-334-9555, Ext. 132

Classified Ad Director
Donna Meehan
401-334-9555, Ext. 133

Our outside print sales representatives serve specific retail territories. Feel free to call them directly for your business print ad needs. (This does not include government agencies, including schools.) They are:

Cumberland, Scituate & Glocester
Tammy Austin
401-334-9555, Ext. 121

Lincoln & Smithfield
Gloria Tanguay
401-334-9555, Ext. 126

North Smithfield, Woonsocket, Blackstone, Foster & Bellingham
Diane McCarthy
401-334-9555, Ext. 142

North Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls & Johnston
Cindy Hersom
401-334-9555, Ext. 153

Our regular office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. To 5 p.m., but we have 24-7 voice mail, so call or write anytime. We are located at 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, Lincoln, RI 02865. We're in an office park off Route 116, between Route 146 and Lincoln High School.


Digital Marketing:
We are a full service marketing agency offering custom website design, SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing, Creative Design and more. Of course, all of our web sites are "mobile optimized," and move seamlessly to any smart phone. This department is led by Jack Birolini. He's here to help local business owners navigate the world of ever-changing services online. Of course, Jack can not only help you with start-up and building, but every step of the way after that, if needed.

To learn more about our marketing services, visit our Digital Media website at or get in touch using the contact info below.

Digital Advertising:
Our news web site, , is constantly growing in monthly visitors and page views. We offer advertising sponsorships by the week and for a month. We see more than 100,000 unique visitors and more than 500,000 page views per month.

To request more info about our marketing services or digital advertising:
Jack Birolini Valley Breeze Director of Sales
(401) 334-9555, x141 (24/7 Voicemail)
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday


Our 5 papers are quite different from one another, each "hyper local" to the communities they serve. It's easy to target your ads locally to tens of thousands of readers. At a glance, they are:

CUMBERLAND-LINCOLN – Distribution: 16,200 papers, Thursday AM. Our flagship and first newspaper, serving two suburban communities. Our independent auditor, CVC, reports that our paper is received into about 88% of all homes, one of the highest pick-up rates in the U.S., according to CVC.

NORTH SMITHFIELD-WOONSOCKET RI/BLACKSTONE MA – Distribution: 15,400 papers, Thursday AM. Our second paper, distributed to 3 nearby towns. Woonsocket is served by the daily Woonsocket Call, which now has an audited circulation of 3,455 daily papers in the same 3 towns, according to their audit. (The Breeze distributes 14,783 papers in same towns). Breeze Audited Penetration Rate Into Homes: 62%.

THE VALLEY BREEZE & OBSERVER – Distribution 10,400 papers. Thursday AM. This paper serves the suburban towns of Smithfield and Scituate, as well as more rural Foster & Glocester, RI. The Observer was a paid 50-year-old paper when we purchased it in 2006. The Providence Journal has a presence here, but The Call & The Times do not. Audited Penetration Rate Into Homes: 58.6%

THE NORTH PROVIDENCE BREEZE – Distribution 7,650 papers. Wednesday AM. North Providence is between the capital city of Providence, and Lincoln. It is a densely populated urban/suburban town. This paper was purchased with The Observer and dramatically improved. Audited Penetration Rate Into Homes: 39%.

THE VALLEY BREEZE - PAWTUCKET – Distribution 8,500 papers. Wednesday AM. Pawtucket is an urban center northeast of Providence, and near south Cumberland. It is served by the paid daily, the Times, which circulates 2,296 papers in the city each day, according to their audit. Breeze Penetration Rate Not Yet Audited.

ALL 5 NEWSPAPERS – Distribution 58,000+ papers. Overall Audited Penetration Rate: 63.2%.


You will find most Valley Breeze papers in high traffic locations like supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants, coffee shops, salons and spas, schools (for staff only), libraries and more. You can find The Breeze in more than 1,000 locations. We have been invited to distribute our papers inside CVS Health world headquarters, as well as Amica Insurance headquarters, for their employees.
Our papers are carefully distributed, and racks "freshened" in the days following delivery. Our goal is to have every one of our papers picked up by readers by the weekend. In fact, the large majority of our papers are picked up by Friday afternoons. We periodically send out delivery drivers on weekends to record the rate of pick-up so adjustments might me made the following week.

Advertisers may place an ad in one edition, two editions, or all 5. It's up to you! Using larger ads and wider distribution, as well as contracting for longer ad schedules, will lower your investment and cost-per-thousand-readers. Contact Jack Birolini ( ) for details.

Thank you!


After Tom Ward's almost 20 years in the local daily newspaper business as a photojournalist and editor, Tom & I began The Valley Breeze in Tom's living room in a little Cape home at 216 Pound Road, Cumberland R.I. during the winter of 1996. Thankfully, Tom's wife and three little girls were patient and understanding for our first 9 weeks there. Our first paper was delivered on March 27, 1996.

We were joined by Marcia Green, a longtime reporter and City Editor at The Pawtucket Times. Marcia and Tom were both Cumberland residents, and we started with 10,000 20-page papers in Cumberland and Lincoln, R.I., two adjacent suburban towns between the diminishing daily papers. The Valley Breeze was an instant hit, and quickly grew as we printed 14,000, and finally, 16,200 papers each week on Thursdays.

In 1999, the nearby communities of North Smithfield and Woonsocket were clamoring for their own paper, and so we began in August of that year. One year later, papers were added in Blackstone, Mass., right over the state line. Today, 15,500 papers are printed there.

In 2006, Tom and I purchased the 50-year-old weekly "Observer" newspaper of Smithfield, R.I. from its founding family, the Burgesses. It was a paid weekly paper with 3,000 customers, so we quickly converted it to 10,500 free papers for its suburban readership. Nearby towns served are Scituate, Foster and Glocester, R.I. As part of that purchase, the North Star of North Providence, R.I., our 4th paper, was improved, and distribution there jumped to 7,750 additional papers.

Finally, in 2009, we added our 5th newspaper, in Pawtucket, R.I. Today, 8,300 papers serve that city.

In total, we now distribute 58,000+ papers every week, and only a few hundred are returned by our drivers the following week. Why? Because we cover local news…the stories engaged residents won't find anywhere else! That's why hundreds of local businesses wisely choose to place their ads in The Valley Breeze each week.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our community's top local newspaper. I, along with our more than 40 employees, are grateful for your interest and support.

– James "Jamie" Quinn, Founder and Publisher (Advertising Production & IT)
Phone: 401-334-9555, Ext. 129 • E-mail:



Full Page
9.5" wide by 14.75 inches deep.

3/4 Page
Horizontal: 9.5" wide by 11" deep
Vertical: 7.09" wide by 14.75" deep

Half Page
Horizontal: 9.5" wide by 7.3" deep
Tall: 4.68" wide by 14.75" deep
Vertical: 7.09" wide by 9.25" deep

3/8 Page
Horizontal 9.5" wide by 5.4" deep
Vertical: 4.68" wide by 11" deep
"Square": 7.09" wide by 7.3" deep

Quarter Page
Horizontal: 9.5" wide by 3.6" deep
Vertical: 4.68" wide by 7.3" deep
Tall: 2.28" wide by 14.75" deep

3/16 Page
Horizontal: 7.09" wide by 3.6" deep
Vertical: 2.28" wide by 11" deep
"Square": 4.68" wide by 5.4" deep

1/8 Page
Horizontal: 4.67" wide by 3.6" deep
Vertical: 2.28" wide by 7.3" deep
Wide: 9.5" wide by 1.75" deep

3/32 Page
Horizontal: 7.09" wide by 1.75" deep
Vertical: 2.28" wide by 5.4" deep

1/16 Page
Horizontal: 4.68" wide by 1.75" deep
Vertical: 2.28" wide by 3.6" deep

1/32 Page
2.28" wide by 1.75" deep

Questions on Mechanicals, Ad Sizes or Colors? Write to Jamie Quinn at

The Valley Breeze
6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204
Lincoln, RI 02865

Phone: (401) 334-9555
Fax: 401-334-9994


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