CL McCourt Middle School team picture

The members of the Northern Division champion McCourt Middle School boys’ soccer team are, in front from left, Thomas Burke, Aiden Samaya, Andrew Tomlinson, Kaleb Moran, Isaiah Hastings, Manuel Morales, Lucas Marques, Dean Corvello, Marcus Benitez, and Austin Carvalho; in back, head coach Ryan Rafanelli, Donovan Calle, Collin Riel, Brody Stenovitch, Davis Corvello, Evan Pereira, Christian Neves, Christian DaCruz, Andrew Lagor, Garrett Duquesnay, and Charles Greene. Karol Gryzbacz is also a member of the team.

CUMBERLAND – The McCourt Middle School boys’ soccer team recently concluded a truly remarkable season that saw the talented squad capture the Northern Division regular-season championship with a 10-0-2 record.

In the quarterfinals of the RIPCOA state tournament on Monday, Oct. 25, at Tucker Field, McCourt grabbed a 4-1 victory over Scituate Middle School. During the regular season, both teams had battled each other to a 1-1 tie.

But four afternoons later, in the semifinals at Tucker Field, McCourt suffered a 5-0 defeat to East Greenwich’s Cole Middle School, which ended up dropping a 6-0 decision to Middletown’s Gaudet Middle School in the finals at Johnston High.

“Overall, we had a very strong season with an extremely talented group of soccer players who are extremely passionate and relentless and persevere through all challenges,” reported McCourt head coach Ryan Rafanelli. “They are an awesome team and a group of young adults that I had the privilege of coaching.”

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