1601 Mineral Spring Ave.

The signs for Shore’s Market and the former Lucky Cottage are visible through heavy machinery above the new foundation for one of two commercial buildings being developed at 1601 Mineral Spring Ave. Chipotle and a national coffee chain are expected to be two of the four tenants.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – A national upscale coffee chain store is expected to be part of a new development being built at 1601 Mineral Spring Ave., according to multiple sources.

As previously reported by The Breeze, a Chipotle restaurant is also expected to be part of the in-progress project at the site of the former Lucky Cottage restaurant.

Town officials aren’t confirming that Starbucks is the store that will join Chipotle, as rumored. Mayor Charles Lombardi said he’s excited by the prospects for the development.

“I’m excited, and hopefully there will be an announcement as early as next week about another national chain store coming,” he said.

The Town Council approved a series of moves last May making way for the project from Mike Grieco and 1601 Mineral Spring Associates, including abandoning a pair of little-used roadways in Utica and Martin Streets, which ran between Mineral Spring Avenue and Dutchess Avenue.

There are now two planned buildings on the parcel instead of a standalone plaza similar to Grieco’s development next door, which includes Pizza Hut, Tropical Smoothie Café, and Coco Nails & Spa. Two tenants are expected in each of the new buildings, for a total of four. Earlier testimony had revolved around three total buildings, with smaller boutique stores filling a third one and two restaurants filling the other two.

The developer has said the new development will be a significant improvement on the “sea of asphalt” that’s been here.

North Providence has among the highest number of coffee shops per capita anywhere in Rhode Island, with six Dunkin’ stores, two Honey Dew Donuts, a Coffee Connection, BrewGrindz, a Starbucks within the Shaw’s store on Smithfield Road, and current and planned coffee shops inside new and future gas stations, among others.

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Just what the Town needs more coffee & fast-food business. Maybe the town needs to look for real business. Maybe the developer feels having building too look at is better than what was there, but I would hate to own a house on the street behind the building. They now have a view of MSA, nice, developer didn't think of them when they tore everything down. They should be required to have landscaping in place before they do anything. When I first saw the homes, I felt bad, I don't know anyone that lives there but awful that Town allowed that. The Town needs to stop thinking of business at the expense of taxpayers & their rights to a safe quiet place to live, have a home without Drunks, trash, noise in their backyard. Which is what will happen sooner or later as Planning doesn't that future tenants into consideration.

Any & all stipulations should be written into a legal document so future people will know what is not allowed & don't have standing to change it.

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