Mendon Road overpass

The Mendon Road overpass crossing Route 295 in Cumberland is set to be replaced.

CUMBERLAND – The superstructure of the Mendon Road overpass across Route 295 is set to be replaced in phases over the next two years, according to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.

RIDOT spokesperson Charles St. Martin said the contractor is now doing some preliminary site work to remove portions of the median island in preparation for the first phase of the project starting in 2023.

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Jack Toronto

These smaller bridge projects are notoriously slow to completion. I hope there is a good reason for that, because the closures strangle local businesses. I'm open to hearing RIDOT's explanation for this problem.

Derrick L

Ms Raimondo had a brilliant solution by adding a sign with the expected due date. We need these and to keep local leaders aware of misses.


Derrick, not one project in this state was ever, or ever will be done on time and too budget. Those signs were a joke. All they did was keep changing the due date and then listed them on time. As for MZ. Gina, you can thank her for the $45 million worth of highway cameras that she knew would be discriminitory. Now we are stuck with them shut off. Sooooo, when your car gets tolled now go thank her, or maybe you can send her your bill.

Thomas Ficca

It's simply amazing that the R.I.D.O.T. CANNOT cordinate 2 projects at the same time COSTING TWICE the $$$$$$ ! Alviti needs to go !


About 3-5 years ago, the bridge on Manville Hill Road was replaced for safety.

Since it was built there are some 18-wheeler trucks and dump trucks from the granite site which use the bridge when fully loaded.

Additionally, Main Street Manville has signs stating "No Through Trucking" which these trucks climb after crossing the bridge.

The bridge will need to be replaced sooner than later due to these truckers lack of concern of our infrastructure -- just getting to the next job with a few minutes to spare.

Derrick L

What are the police up to? Oh, attacking minority motorists for going 6 miles over the limit.

Pete Godon

Are you really suggesting that trucks should be banned from bridges? I'm sure that the weight of trucks are taken into consideration when the bridges are designed.

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