CUMBERLAND – Car crashes at the Cumberland roundabouts on Diamond Hill Road have tripled this year over last year, due in part, it appears, to more traffic being on the road and many people still not understanding how the traffic configuration works.

According to Chief of Police John Desmarais, there had been 15 crashes at the roundabouts in 2021 as of Tuesday morning, Sept. 28.

From Jan. 17 to Sept. 29 of last year, a period when many residents were spending an inordinate amount of time at home, there were five total crashes at the traffic circles.

The Breeze reported last October that in the five or so months after the roundabouts came online in September 2019, there were 11 total crashes at the traffic circles.

According to Desmarais, responding to a Breeze request for data, there were three more accidents from October to December of 2020 as more drivers hit the road, following the five crashes over 2020’s first nine months.

Desmarais said there have been three more accidents since the end of August.

The crash information police provide on the roundabouts does not include accidents at the Chapel Four Corners intersection, which was redone as part of the roundabout project because it was reconfigured to work with the roundabouts.

Editor’s note: It shows a heart of gold that some of you stop your car inside the roundabout to let people enter, but it is also wrong and increases the risk of accidents. The driver within the roundabout has the right-of-way, and others are supposed to yield to them.

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Captain Cumberland

Ethan, is there any data for how many accidents occurred at these intersections during similar time periods prior to when the roundabouts were installed?

Pole 22

I use the roundabout frequently during the week. The spot I find most dangerous is when exiting from 295 south and attempting to cross over to go north on 114. No one stops at the yield signs so it is an adventure to get across. I pretty much avoid this exit unless I am heading south on 114.


Don't stop. Like the editor's note said, don't stop in the roundabout. And if you're not in it yet, yield. And understand which lane you're in. If you're in the left lane, don't just go straight through without seeing if someone is in the right lane.

It would be interesting if the police could monitor the area and instruct people on the proper way to handle it.

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