America’s leadership has “gone down the drain,” and the Swamp Creatures are leading our country into, not only a soul-destroying direction, but into a full-blown governmental destruction!

Our national security is at stake because of America’s downfall! There are still some people, however, who choose to disregard its present threatening activities. The causes, listed below, will probably help them to better understand some reasons for its decline. It will probably also stimulate more alertness – before it’s too late for everyone:

Downfall Causes:

1. First Amendment rights are not being properly honored by the government regarding our freedom and personal rights.

2. The government is more focused on domestic terrorism vs. America’s terrorism.

3. The government is interfering in various organizations, social groups, sports, etc. ... in order to promote its socialized agenda.

4. The government’s choice of having an open border (illegal immigration) has caused life-threatening issues to America’s citizens.

5. The government’s control and deception are causing a divisive America.

6. Attacks on Christianity are exacerbating, along with the lack of respect for God and religion.

7. Increased lack of morality and conscience has created our present “anything-goes” society, causing a significant increase in crimes, often without suffering its consequences.

8. Social media has exposed children to all sorts of sexual activities which contribute to the lack of morality.

9. America’s education systems have been “dumbed-down,” as proven by the decline in students’ math, reading, writing, etc. ... scores, its low graduation rates, and very obvious grammatical errors in our newspapers.

10. The government is trying to reduce parental control over their children’s education.

11. The government is attempting to indoctrinate students regarding its Socialistic agenda.

12. The “defunding of police” in certain states has caused more chaos and crimes, as well as the lack of respect toward police officers.

13. Our military and our flag are rapidly losing the respect they once held.

14. The government has created a jealous environment where people are now more focused on other people’s assets, thus causing a lack of caring and respect toward each other – as once existed.

15. The Ten Commandments could resolve many of the above-noted issues, but religion is viewed as a “threat” to the Socialistic agenda.

More examples could have been listed. Today’s elected officials have a greater focus on “money and power” than ever before. The welfare of their communities has become secondary. Cities and states are crumbling, due to the push for more taxes and heavy regulations, which has caused America’s harmful environment. The toxic swamp would rather have us fighting each other than holding itself accountable.

Very little effort is being made by our lawmakers to work together, find compromises, and put their own egos aside for the people’s welfare. Long gone are those days! It’s often said to “follow the money” when politicians are deemed to be corrupt. These footsteps often lead to acquiring the essential data to prove such charges. Truth, like the sun, always rises! AMEN!

Pauline M Demers


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