Susan Menard


UPDATE – WOONSOCKET – The Office of the State Medical Examiners at the Rhode Island Department of Health on Friday identified the second of two decedents recovered at a home in Woonsocket on Sept. 19 as Daniel Grabowski, longtime boyfriend to former Mayor Susan Menard.

Earlier in the week, RIDOH identified the other decedent recovered in the home as Menard.

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Thank you for the update Ethan. I however find it uncanny that BOTH should pass away from separate health issues AT THE SAME TIME. My first instinct went to carbon monoxide, something wrong with the house and then possibly a food eaten. It is just too rare to see this.


Seriously, she alone did this? I, like others, prefer to remember the many many overall good things she did, the battles she had to fight because of being a female in office, and her love of family, friends, and city folk. She passed away, remember her with kindness.

James Peters

Yes, that is correct. I've been around a long time and i have a long memory.

James Peters

She declared war on multi-family "homeowners" by reducing the homestead exemption from 25% to 10% for owner-occupied homes.

She also declared four family homes commercial while stripping them of trash collection regardless of owner-occupancy. The homestead exemption was eliminated from these homes as well.

Sadly, her legacy is a continuation of this war.

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