Mayor Jeff Mutter

Cumberland Mayor Jeff Mutter, in his Town Hall office, discusses his goals for 2023.

CUMBERLAND – Now four years into his second career as mayor of Cumberland, Mayor Jeff Mutter says there have been many lessons learned as he keeps trying to make things better for the town and its residents.

The town’s bigger projects for 2023 have been well-publicized, from a new community center next to Town Hall to further park improvements, but Mutter this week detailed a personal goal for how he wants to lead during the coming year.

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Same story, I am willing to bet that the money for these repairs was taken out of the budget and spent elsewhere . Maintenance budget should be NEVER be touched . We must protect our investment.


I also attended the game last night at the wellness center. The building is filthy. Gum on the gym floor, litter scattered all around the gym. Some of the baskets don't have nets and appear to be broken.There's an old cleaning machine stuffed in a corner, looks like it hasn't moved in years. The air vents are dirty and looks like they haven't been cleaned in years.The side walls appear to have water damage and let's not forget the roof which has been leaking since 2011 when the current Superintendent of schools was here.These problems should be addressed ASAP. We need to maintain the buildings we have now. The pride and joy of our current governor is a dump!


Maybe the mayor the school committee and the superintendent could get together and repair the roof at the Wellness Center at the High School. We're tired of indoor basketball being rained out. This has been an ongoing problem since it was built (probably by a friend of Dan McKee). It would be nice to be able to attend a game when it is raining outside. Perhaps you could spend some money on that embarrassment.


Great read. More mayors, town managers and city administrators should follow your example. Municipal employees do often just chug around from task to task, with a loaded plate and folks think its easy. No ones job is easy, lets be real. Each profession has its difficulties, dealing with the public just takes a very special, tollerant and intelligent individual. Thank you Mayor Mutter for recognizing that. Not enough city/town leaders take the time to actually do this.

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