I am a lifelong resident, homeowner, taxpayer and 28-year employee. I currently serve as Woonsocket’s deputy finance director/controller. I have given a lifetime of service to my community, currently on the Autumnfest Committee.

Public service is not glamorous, but I have committed to the city due to my love of my job and my community. Those who know me know that I am an honest, hard-working, private person who values hard work and integrity.

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I posted my response a week ago.


The administration in the company I work for worked really hard to get this Covid Grant. You know what they did? They evenly distributed a bonus to ALL employees and didn’t pocket a large amount for themselves because of the work involved to get it. Now that’s really dedication, service and sacrifice.

Jim Cournoyer

Ms. Johnston writes: “Councilor Cournoyer stated during the hearing that the emails between himself and Sgt. Nunnemacher did not contain proposals, this statement is untrue.” Wrong again, Ms. Johnston, as I did not testify at the hearing.

Next, Ms. Johnston writes: “I stated that I did not receive a copy of the tentative agreement prior to the DOCKET BEING RELEASED”. Actually, that is NOT what she testified to under oath. Here is what Ms. Johnston said under oath:

Question: Before the City Council passed the contracts in question, did anyone ask you to provide YOUR financial analysis?

Answer: No. Actually, I wasn’t even given a copy of the contract.

In fact, Ms. Johnston was provided a copy of the contracts on July 6 (which she now acknowledges). That is 19 days PRIOR to when the City Council ratified the contracts on July 25th. She was asked to prepare a financial impact analysis and refused.

Moreover, Ms. Johnston received a copy of the contracts on July 21 when the Agenda and Docket was posted for the July 25th Public Hearing and Regular Council meeting. July 21st is PRIOR to July 25th for those who struggle with dates.

Ms. Jonston also writes: “Mayor Gendron was also firm in his statement that no employees had been fired. This statement is untrue. A part-time temporary employee in planning was fired on the first day.” Wrong again, Ms. Johnston. Mayor Gendron very clearly stated in his Press Release that no “permanent” employees were terminated. As Ms. Johnston has not returned to work since she falsely testifed under oath, she obviously is in no position to be commenting on personnel matters.

There is an old saying that is apropos: When you are in a hole, stop digging.

If Ms. Johnston is concerned about her integrity, she shouldn't lie under oath; she should't tell people that contracts result in a deficit when she has not bothered to review her incorrect analysis with the Council (recall, she was also wrong on the 670 Labor Contract Contingency in the FY 2022 budget - go review Ordinance 21 O 39 for a refresher on her double-count on that number too); and she should not tell the Council that the RI Department of Labor and Training dismissed Ms. Laurie Perry's claim without a hearing (in fact, the DLT ruled in Ms. Perry's favor and fined the City $375).

Three things always stand out about Mr. Cournoyer. First is how he is always on the wrong side of all the increasingly bad news from Woonsocket. Second is he is never wrong it's always someone else's fault. Third and most important is that he needs to be voted out.

Jim Cournoyer


It’s not a matter of being right or wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and that is fine. But when you literally and smuggly LIE on a consistent basis in an attempt to advance your agenda, well, that’s a problem and I will never sit back and not respond.

It is a FACT that Ms. Johnston testified under oath that she was never “given a copy of the contract” before the Council passed the contract.

It is a FACT that she was absolutely provided a copy of the contracts …on TWO separate occasions PRIOR to the Council’s ratification on July 25th.

She received a copy on July 6 from the Law Department, which she now acknowledges (she checked her emails AFTER the Removal Hearing. Really, how convenient). She also received a copy (for the second time) on July 21st when the July 25th Public Hearing was posted.

Like it or not, Ms. Johnston’s testimony under oath was neither accurate or true.

The mayor was formally removed at approximately 1:30 am on October 6. At 10:11 am on October 6, I emailed Ms. Johnston and asked her for a copy of the incorrect financial impact analysis that she referred to in her testimony. As of today, October 28, I still have not received a response. Keep in mind, in her above letter, she said she checked her emails “after the hearing”. So we know she reviewed her emails, but has refused to respond.

Also, Ms. Johnston says in her letter that SHE requested and was approved for a stipend. Well, the Council, like the Board of Commissioners at the Woonsocket Housing Authority, are the only people who can approve and authorize changes in compensation. Moreover, the former mayor testified that she, the mayor, offered the Stipend … first to the Finance Director, then to Ms. Johnston. Yet Ms. Johnston now tells us that is was her (Ms. Johnston’s) idea to receive the stipend. They should really get their stories straight - which admittedly is hard to do when you're being dishonest.

Again, I’m sorry you care nothing about the truth or facts. But I guess I should expect as much from someone who doesn’t have the courage to put their real name to their posts.

BTW, Ms. Johnston professes to care so much about the city and her job, yet she has not returned to work since the former mayor was appropriately removed - but she was able to spend the Columbus Day weekend "working" at Autumnfest.

As far as the election goes, please, don’t ever think for a minute that I ever do my job based on what it may or may not mean relative to an election. You've got the wrong guy if that's what you think.

Carry on with your anonymous drivel.

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